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The best overhead shot blasting machine on the market

overhead blasting

The fundamental principle behind an overhead shot blasting machine is its ability to suspend the part to be treated on a hanger, transporting it into the machine's interior for the blasting process. Typically, these machines are automatic or semi-automatic.

However, what sets CMV® overhead shot blasting machines apart is their superiority over competitors. In this post, we'll delve into the reasons behind this significant difference.

Many manufacturers of overhead blast machines face challenges in ensuring all faces of the pieces, depending on their geometry, are exposed to the blast wheel fans. To address this, they incorporate a movement known as "oscillation," where the part stops at different locations within the blasting chamber. This maneuver aims to ensure that the entire surface of the part is reached by the fan of abrasive released by the blast wheel. Here's how it works on a competitor's hook-blasting machine:

The image shows the first, second, and third stops in order.

However, this movement requires a larger space in the working chamber, resulting in a displacement area. Moreover, despite oscillation, the blasting time remains longer compared to CMV® machines. Instead of remaining stationary, the part stops at three different positions, significantly extending the work time. The good news is that such movement is unnecessary for a CMV® overhead shot blast machine.

This unnecessary movement is eliminated thanks to the innovative design of the CMV® blast wheel, which utilizes a right/left blade. This patented blast wheel generates two fans of abrasive instead of one, as seen in the image below:

gancheira jateamento

gancheira jateamento

Due to its revolutionary design, the CMV® blast wheel can achieve up to 100% higher productivity than conventional blast wheels. In many cases, it's feasible to replace blast wheels from other manufacturers with CMV® ones, ensuring uniform blasting of the part at a much lower cost per blasted piece.

It's crucial to emphasize the significant savings per blasted piece achieved with CMV® machines. By reducing blasting time, energy consumption, shot usage, and wear on machine components are all minimized.

At CMV®, we're committed to optimizing our customers' resources with our blast machines. With 50 years of experience in blasting machines, we offer free technical advice and study your case without any commitment. Count on a trusted partner for guaranteed results.


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