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How do we make the best overhead shot blasting machine on the market?

Updated: May 18

overhead blasting

The basic concept of an overhead shot blasting machine is to be a machine in which the part to be treated will be suspended on a hanger. The piece is placed in this hanger, then taken to the machine's interior, where the blasting process occurs. Usually, this machine is automatic or semi-automatic.

The curiosity in all of this is that the CMV® overhead shot blasting machine is superior to any competitor. We will explain in this post the reason for this significant difference.

There is difficulty in exposing all the faces of the pieces (depending on their geometry) to the blast wheel fans. To minimize this problem, many manufacturers of overhead blast machines make a movement with the part inside the chamber, also known as "oscillation." The "oscillation" is when the piece stops at different locations within the blasting chamber. This movement happens so that the entire surface of the part is reached by the fan of abrasive released by the blast wheel. See how it works on a competitor's hook-blasting machine:

The image shows the first, second and third stops in order.

To make this movement, a larger space is needed in the working chamber, so there is a displacement area. Another issue is that even with oscillation, the blasting time is longer than in CMV® machines. Instead of staying in one place, you stop at three, significantly increasing your work time. The good news is that this movement is not necessary for a CMV® overhead shot blast machine.

This movement is unnecessary because the CMV® blast wheel uses a right/left blade. This blast wheel is patented worldwide, and its difference in practice from a conventional one is that it generates two fans of abrasive instead of one. See the image below:

gancheira jateamento

gancheira jateamento

Due to its innovative design, the CMV® blast wheel can offer up to 100% higher productivity than conventional blast wheels. In many cases, it is possible to replace the blast wheel from other manufacturers with those from CMV®, thus obtaining a uniform blasting of the part with a much lower cost per blasted piece.

Remembering that the savings per blasted piece are very significant. By blasting in a shorter time, energy, shot and machine components are saved.

All CMV® blast machines are focused on optimizing their customers' resources. Results are guaranteed. Count on the help of a company that has more than 45 years of experience in sandblasting. We provide free technical advice and study your case without any commitment.

gancheira jateamento

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