spinner hanger shot blast machine

Suitable for blasting and shot peening of castings, forged, stamped, welded assemblies, etc. It can operate with steel shot and optionally with steel grit.


Built-in resistant steel.

Works with fast production cycles.

Reduces the blasting time.

Guarantees a higher uniformity in the blasting parts, even in the more complexes one.

Component features

• Compact exhaustion system: it uses filters with a non-woven polyester cartridge. Equipped with automatic cleaning through the pulsing jet. Meet the main ambient standards.

• Exclusively patented blast wheels: reduce the time of blasting, being more productive than similar machines or even with an oscillating hook.

• Two service doors: with manual opening and structure welded over the bearing.

• Command panel: mounted in an armored enclosure, meets the standards for the sector and its equipped with a friendly interface.


Blast wheel frequency inverter.

Vibratory or rotative sieve.

Tool steel lining to operate with steel grit.

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