High performance

Is very hard to combine high efficiency with low costs but not for us. Our machines do a lot more with less. Every part of the equipment is truly studied to full fill the costumers need.  


We have many patented products as a result of our continuous improvement. Every project represents a chance to surprise, to do differently. That's our main guide.


Our product is truly superior. Whoever gives it a try keeps investing in it, since the results are immediate. We had sold machines worldwide. Check some of our clients clicking here.

Our history


The company was founded in 1973, in Brazil. Along the years, we become a leader of blasting in Latin America, so we invested in the expansion of our headquartered area.


After that, we started exporting to the European and the North American market. We also opened a subsidiary in Russia. Nowadays, our headquarter has more than 7,000m² and extra 4,000m² of outdoor storage space.


The quality of our equipment makes us increase. One of the biggest examples of that is our internationally patented Blast Wheel that has a unique design with the power to increase the production up to 100%, in comparison to the regular ones.


Every project represents for us a chance to innovate. To do better. To full fill our costumers need. That's why companies that trusted us never stopped doing that since the results are immediate. You can check out some of our costumers by clicking here. Or you can get to know more about us on our YouTube channel.

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1973 - 1995

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1995 - 2011

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2011 - current

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Current aerial view of the company headquarters in Cachoeirinha, Brazil. 

Facade of the company in Russia.