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Founded in 1973, CMV® is a leader in Latin America in the manufacturing of blasting equipment.  It also operates under the Blastibrás® brand, acquired in 1997. It regularly exports to North American and European markets. CMV® has a complete line of blasting equipment, including suction, pressure, wet, and blast wheel process. Produces simple manual machines to the most sophisticated machines CNC to integrate the production lines or to shot peening applications.


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Our after-sales service has a very high level of satisfaction, with positive feedback from more than 90% of our customers. In addition, the company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


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Provide quality industrial solutions with satisfied customers and employees, with continuous improvement as a guide.


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Brand history
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1973 - 1995

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1995 - 2011

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2011 - current


• 1973: CMV® was founded and initiated the activities in an area of only 430ft² in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil. • 1975: in a larger location, it started to produce some road machines and shot blasting machines, its main product. At that time, the blasting machines produced were only pressurized. • 1980: suction blasting machines were added to the production line. • 1995: the company had already achieved leadership in Latin America in compressed air blasting. • 1997: initiated the exportation to the European market and translated do the current headquarter in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, where it has more than ​​193750f² of land. In the same year, we completed the introduction of blast wheel machines (without compressed air) with a great diversity of automized machines for special applications and shot peening • 1998: built the largest shot peening machine in operation in Brazil, supplied to EMBRAER, which performs shot peening on aircraft structural components. • 2004: started exporting to other markets, including North American. It operates abroad under the brand CMV Blasting. • 2005: developed a series of new machines (many patented), in addition to an internationally patented double fan blast wheel. •2007: got the ISO:9001 2001 certification through BSI. • 2008: with the resurgence of the naval industry in Brasil, we made the main supplies for the sector, including sheet preparation lines and big air-conditioned cabins. We also started the distribution of airless painting pumps from the Hasco brand (Korea). • 2009: we steed a partnership with SAVIM from Italy, a company that is specialized in blast room and greenhouses for painting, including these products in the line of work, and opened a subsidiary in Maryland in the USA. It made new important supplies for the naval and oil and gas areas. • 2010: we got the recertification in ISO 9001 now in the version 2008 also through BSI. CMV invested more than R$ 3 million in development and upgrading of our products. • 2011: overcame the investments and development of products made in 2010. Opened a subsidiary in Russia in Ekaterinburg and expanded an area of its headquarters in Cachoeirinha, which had more than 75347.37ft² of built-up area and another43.05564ft² of yard/storage area. • 2013: unfortunately, the founder of CMV, Mr. José Jerônimo Marques Vieira, is no longer with us. We are absolutely sure that their teachings, attitudes, and examples are part of the DNA of this company. We will never forget what this great teacher taught us. We certainly have and will still have a lot to celebrate. • 2017: we manufactured the biggest blasting and painting room in Latin America, situated in Estaleiro Atlântico Sul. • 2018: once again we were nominated by NEI magazine as the preferred brand by the market in our segment. In addition, we were invited to participate in the Brazilian Seminar on Pipe Coating, as we have several reference equipment in the market that is used for blasting pipes. • 2019: Due to our presence and expansion in the shot peening market, we developed a rotary head lance for nozzles with lateral exit. This head will become part of our shot peening machines as an optional item. We got the recertification in ISO 9001 now in the version 2015 through BSI. Also in this year, and with the continuous investment of our products, we manufactured for an American company a blasting machine that uses two types of abrasive, doing the cleaning and the shot peening operation in the same equipment. • 2020: we invested more in our communication, improving our website and sales materials. We implemented a new ERP, modernizing several internal processes and offering our customers even more agility. We developed a new sealing system for the roof of the Spinner hanger shot blast machine, minimizing maintenance and abrasive leakage (patent required).'.