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hanger blast machine

Suitable for blasting and shot peening of castings, forged, stamped, welded assemblies, etc. It can operate with steel shot and optionally with steel grit.


• Motorized hangers: the movement of the hangers has been motorized. Now the system moves the hook inside of the blasting chamber at the beginning of the operation and removes it at the end of the blasting. The actuation of this system is performed by the operator through the control panel. Simple like that.

• Meet safety and electrical standards: the safety and electrical devices are in accordance with the EC guidelines and meet the most important international standards. The electrical panel is equipped with a PLC and a man-machine interface which ensure the simple and safe operation of the equipment. The high-performance blast wheels provide excellent performance in terms of energy consumption and are built with materials that are extremely resistant to abrasion. The internal coatings in 12-14% manganese steel and optionally 28% chrome

steel in the areas that are most subject to abrasion ensures excellent durability to the equipment.

• Extremely compact exhaust system: the exhaust system features cartridge-type filtering elements, with an automatic cleaning system through pulse jet, which is automatically controlled by the PLC do control panel. This system meets the most important international standards on pollutant emissions and worker safety.

• Abrasive separator: the separator features the traditional system with adjustable curtain, which can optionally have a screening system (vibrating screens), for applications that require a more precise classification of the abrasive material, for example, with shot peening.

• High-efficiency blast wheels: of very high output, built-in cast steel with a high chrome alloy that is highly resistant to abrasion, they are statically and dynamically balanced and ensure high productivity in the most different applications. The blast wheels feature a valve that allows precision adjustment of the amount of abrasive material to be thrown by them.

• Screw conveyor/bucket elevator: the conveyor and the elevator are oversized, and are totally sealed, and are driven by gear motors. The elevator buckets are built in nodular cast iron, which is highly resistant to abrasion.

• Optional: can receive a series of optional equipment, among which, the following stand out: coatings to operate with angular abrasive materials, vibrating screen, frequency inverter for the blast wheels, etc.

Catalog - Hanger blast machine.

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