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Blasting innovation: using two types of media in the same machine

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

At the end of last year, we made the selling of a shot peening equipment to a North American company designated in the manufacturing of plane engines.

As a standard procedure, we made several tryouts before sending this machine to the customer. Check out below the photos of the equipment in our headquarter.

Blasting machine that works with two types of abrasive

This machine is equipped with one robot with 6 axes + 1 auxiliary axis. The cleaning operation will be made with glass microspheres and the shot peening with steel shot.

The panel command makes an automatically selection of the abrasive

The abrasive selection is made automatically true de command panel of the equipment.

Detail of the auxiliary ax of the robot.

Detail of the robot's auxiliary axis.

Detail of the abrasive purificator complete system.

Detail of the abrasive purificator complete system.

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