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Dual chamber spinner hangers

Suitable for blasting and shot peening of castings, forged, stamped, welded assemblies, etc.


​• It can operate with a spherical steel shot, optionally with an angular shot, among other media.

​• Constructed of wear-resistant steel.

​• Extremely fast production cycles, reducing the blasting time.

​• Ensures more excellent uniformity of the bladed parts.

​• Extremely safe because it incorporates optical barriers to protect the supply area.

​• Can easily be integrated with an automatic loading/unloading system using, for example, a robot.



Components features


• Exhaust system: compact, uses cartridges with a non-woven element. It has automatic cleaning through the pulsating jet and low residual dust level. Meets the main environmental standards.


• Blast wheel: with a unique system, it reduces the jet time significantly when compared to conventional machines of the same power. Has a gain of productivity, even when compared to machines with oscillating hooks.


• Control panel: mounted in a shielded cabinet. Meets industry standards and is equipped with ammeters for blast wheel. It has a user-friendly interface for the operation.


• Options: inverter for turbines, rotary or vibrating sieve, chrome steel casing for an angular shot, rear filter, automatic loading/unloading.

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