Rotary head lance peening

Rotary head lance

for shot peening

Due to our presence and expansion in the shot peening market, we developed a rotary head lance to nozles with a lateral exit. This rotary head integrates our shot peening machine as an optional item. It's also available for sale to users and manufacturers of shot peening machines.



Extremely light and compact.
Easily adapted to robots and motorized arms.
Equipped with a rotatory valve that is driven by a gearbox connected to a servomotor. 
The spinning speed is controlled by a drive and works between 0 to 120 RPM. 
The spinning is always made in 360 degrees in one way.
It can operate with several rotary nozzles with 1 or 2 side outputs.
Works with different types of abrasive.

We provide the full set including the blast nozzle, robot adaptation support, PLC equipment control and also dry contact communication with the blasting machines.