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The pipe blasting equipment has exceptional production rates and a low operational cost due to the factors written below.


• Tables with adjustable speed and angle: allow for operation with only one blast wheel (up to 100 HP), reducing the operational cost, obtaining a higher production rate and reducing the setup time.

• Position of the blast wheel: always keep the exact distance between the blast wheel and the pipe, independent of its diameter, reducing the wear of the blast wheel and facilitating the access for maintenance.

• High-efficiency blast wheel: because of the unique design, especially the blades, they have the best ratio of flow x launch speed of the shot, all with a low noise level.

• Dust collector: the unique system of downward flow reduces the wear of the filter elements, air consumption for cleaning and system power requirements.

• Seals: it has a quick-change sealing system, reducing the setup time.

Catalog - pipe blasting.

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