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water blasting machine

Skid-mounted water blasting machine. It can be handled by forklift, pallet truck, crane or overhead crane, facilitating its positioning in the workplace. Performs wet blasting, washing, or drying operations.

The water blasting machine can operate with the following abrasives:


  • Plastic abrasive.

  • Nutshell.

  • Coal slag.

  • Garnet.

  • Glass microspheres.

  • Ground (crushed) glass.

  • Sodium bicarbonate (in this case you need an option - pneumatic vibrator).


  • Mixing of abrasive/water outside the pressurized jet, not requiring cleaning of the system when the operation is interrupted.

  • Fully pneumatic system does not use electricity.

  • Extremely reduced water consumption with greater dust inhibition capacity due to the air/abrasive/water mixture occurring at the pressurized machine outlet.

water blasting video
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