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blasting chamber

CMV® blasting chamber operates with any abrasive and guarantees a high productivity index. This system requires extremely low foundations and can even be built without foundations or mobile containers.

Meet the primary international standards.



Doors: the service door can be built-in metal with a manual opening and a motorized conveyor belt. The door of the operator has an anti-panic bar.

Luminaires are sealed against dust and abrasive and are dimensioned to obtain illuminance according to ISO 8995-1: 2002.

Working chamber: built-in steel sheet profiles bolted together are modulated to suit any dimension. Except for the ceiling, there is a rubber coating on the inside.

Horizontal transport of the abrasive: it has a system with scraper cars or, optionally, with threads, conveyor belts or even a pickup truck next to the mug lift.

Control panel: mounted in a shielded cabinet, equipped with CLP for the automatic control of the equipment functions, besides a security system that prevents the blasting with an open door. It meets the main international standards, like EN 60204-1.​

Blasting machine: it has a pressure vessel built according to ASME VIII, hydrostatically tested, pneumatic remote control, operator protection, and air filter suitable for human breathing. There is also a high-efficiency pneumatic system and a high-efficiency nozzle. It can be equipped with a level sensor for automatic abrasive replenishment.

Mug elevator and abrasive purifier: the elevator features high chromium-resistant high-abrasion cups and is driven directly by a reduction motor. The abrasive cleaner is highly efficient and easy to regulate.

Exhaust system: a combination of air inlet/outlet baffles ensures excellent visibility and eliminates abrasive waste. The Powder Collector features descending airflow (patent-pending), filter cartridges with polyester elements, and an electronically-controlled pulse-jet automatic cleaning system.

Optionals for the blasting chamber: among other things, the equipment can be supplied with a HEPA filter.

Blasting chamber catalog.

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