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Suction blast cabinet

Our suction blast cabinet has a patented abrasive recycling system that allows better use of the abrasive and eliminates the cyclone and the bag of the dust collector.

  • Compact design and with higher productivity than similar equipment.

  • Exhaust fan positioned at the end of the cycle, so it doesn’t present wear.

  • Easy airflow regulation.

  • Great visibility due to the exclusive system of exhaustion and powerful illumination.

  • The security system doesn’t allow blasting with open doors.

  • The patented system allows the use of many types of abrasives.

  • Savings of up to 30% abrasive due to the adjustable separation.

  • Closed filters mounted in the closet avoid contamination with the environment.

  • The cleaning of the filters is made by mechanical agitation inside a closed area.

  • Cleaning over close to the machine with the aspiration hose (optional).


Cleaning and removal jobs, decorative finishing, engraving, and textures provide finishing over all surfaces, carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, etc.

suction blast cabinet video
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