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blast wheel

We developed two types of blast wheels. Both have exceptional development.

The best in the market. Check out why.



Bigger life and productivity compared to other blast wheels.

Reduced noise level.

Low maintenance costs.


Blast wheel box built-in manganese steel.

Covered in laminated and hardened tool steel.

A direct coupling by an electric motor.

Modern adjustment system that blocks the mounting in the wrong position.


The CMV® blast wheel can be attached to different kinds of blasting equipment.

Blast wheel with right/left blade (internationally patented)

For several applications. Such as hanger machines, roller conveyors and blasting of wheels and rims.

Has a more significant production in the applications mentioned. About 100% higher.

Produce a more uniform blasting in comparison to the conventional blast wheels.

Blast wheel with a curved blade

Has a higher launch of abrasive, resulting in a more significant production. About 30% bigger than the competition.

Blast wheel catalog.

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