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Dust extractor

Experience superior air filtration with our BMF-H Dust Collector, featuring a cartridge equipped with non-woven polyester filtering elements. It's adaptable with various other filter types, ensuring compliance with the strictest environmental protection standards.


  • Welding fumes.

  • Blasting.

  • Laser or plasma cutting.

  • Powder coating.

  • Pharmaceutical industry.

  • Crushing operations.


  • Unique air descendant flow system.

  • Exceptional filter cleaning quality.

  • Easily accessible components without requiring stairs or platforms.

  • Low load loss, resulting in energy savings.

  • Electronically activated automatic cleaning via pulsing jet.

  • High-flow pulse valves for efficient operation.

  • Automatic residue discharge via conveyor threads.

  • Differential pressure manometer for precise monitoring.

  • Waste collection bin included.

  • High-efficiency ventilator with low noise levels.

  • Screwed inspection doors for convenience.

  • Compact monoblock structure for easy installation and transportation.

  • Air inlet and depressurizing valves with lock pad capability.

  • Compliance with all major standards.

  • Operating temperature up to 167˚F.

  • Washable cartridges with non-woven polyester elements equipped with venturi.

  • Minimal residual dust volume, for example, 3-5 mg/Nm3 during blasting operations.

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