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Dust extractor

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Wheelblast machine

Welding fume extractor

It is equipped with a cartridge with filtering elements in a non-woven polyester. It can be provided with other element filters, such as polyester coated with aluminum, polyester impregnated with PTFE, antistatic, impregnated with activated charcoal, etc. Meets the strictest environmental protection standards.



• Welding fume.

• Blasting.

• Laser or plasma.

• Powder coating.

• Pharmaceutical industry.

• Crushing.


• An exclusive system with air descendent flow.

• A high quality of cleaning of the filters.

• Access to all the components without using stairs or platforms.

• Low load loss, resulting in electric power savings.

• Automatic cleaning true pulsing jet activated electronically.

• High flow pulse valves.

• Automatic discharge of residues through conveyor threads.

• Differential pressure manometer.

• Beg for collecting waste.

• High-efficiency ventilator with low noize rate.

• Screwed inspection doors.

• Monoblock type of structure with effortless installation and small volume for transportation.

• Air inlet and depressurizing valves with a hold for a padlock.

• Meet all the primary standards.

• Working temperature up to 167˚F.

• Cartridges with a non-woven polyester element (washable) equipped with venturi.

• Low volume of residual dust. Example: blasting 3-5 mg/Nm3.

• Filter with humidity separator for the air compressor.

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