Skid mounted blasting combot

Suitable for operation in outdoor environments, such as refineries, power plants, shipbuilding, etc. It can be operated with steel or with mineral abrasives (garnet, aluminum oxide, etc.). It is formed by a set of equipments that work in an integrated way.


Modern: control panel equipped with CLP controls all functions of the equipment, including the automatic

feedback of the blasting machines through level control.

Extremely practical: robust chassis allows lifting by crane or forklift, being transportable in a conventional

truck without excess.


4 blasting machines of 185 liters each. Equipped with level sensors, remote control hoses, and long venturi blast nozzles.

Abrasive pickup system by means of vacuum type pump, equipped with a dust collector.

Abrasive cleaner: complete and with a dust collector.

Conveyor: loads and uniforms a load of abrasives in the silo, in addition to driving the abrasive to the purifier.

Expansion chamber: with a rotary valve to discharge the abrasive into the primary cup lift base.

Secondary bucket elevator: Carries the abrasive to the existing screw conveyor in the abrasive bin.

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