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roller conveyor shot blast machine

This machine has an extremely high production efficiency and can be easily incorporated into automatic or semi-automatic production lines. It meets the central safety and health standards, and it’s available in two models pre-fabrication and post-fabrication.



They are designed to blast beams, profiles, sheets, flat and angle bars, pipes, etc. Provides a better cut quality and reduces consumables and machining tools, helping to keep the factory clean. Combined with a proper production flow, it can also eliminate the need for after-blasting.



Designed to blast welded structures, also able to operate with raw materials. It has a larger quantity of blast wheels than the pre-fabrication machines, which are disposed of in a way to blast the different sides that usually compose a welded structure. They are specially indicated for paint preparation.


Besides custom-made equipment, we also offer specific equipment lines for the shipbuilding and offshore industry.

Roller conveyor shot blast machine catalog.

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