We manufacture recovery machines with the capacity to recover small to big volumes of abrasive. Click below according to your necessity:

Small volume of abrasive.

Big volume of abrasive.

abrasive recovery vacuum system

Abrasive recovery machine designed for collecting small volumes of residual dust or abrasive.


• Easy to use and highly efficient.

• Recover up to 2200 lbs/h of angular steel shot.

• No need for electric power - works by compressed air.

• 120 liters drum destined for heavy work.

• The powerful vacuum created by two nozzles guarantees maximum operational efficiency.

• Recovery hose resistant to abrasion with 10 m length.


• Blasting service contractors.

Catalog - Abrasive recovery vacuum system.

Abrasive recovery vacuum pump

Designed for collecting big volumes of abrasive retained within the blasted parts, as well as the accumulated on the floor.


• Reclaim rate: up to 6~10 ton/hr.

• Offered in models with different capacities. Download the catalog to know more.


• Shipbuilding yards.

• Blasting service contractors.

Catalog - Abrasive recovery vacuum pump.