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Discover our abrasive recovery solutions, designed to meet diverse demands for cleaning and reclaiming abrasives across various volumes. Whether for small or large abrasive quantities, we provide efficient and practical options ensuring thorough and effective cleaning. Choose below the model that best suits your needs:

Small volume
abrasive recovery vacuum system

The vacuum abrasive recovery system is designed for efficient cleaning of small volumes of residual abrasive or dust. It's a practical and versatile solution for maintaining blasting cabinets and blast blasting machines.


  • Easy to use and highly efficient.

  • Recover up to 2200 lbs/h of angular steel shot.

  • No need for electric power - works by compressed air.

  • 120 liters drum destined for heavy work.

  • The powerful vacuum created by two nozzles guarantees maximum operational efficiency.

  • Recovery hose resistant to abrasion with 10 m length.


  • Blasting service contractors.

Abrasive rcovery big volumes
Abrasive recovery vacuum pump

The vacuum pump abrasive recovery system was developed for efficient collection of large volumes of abrasive retained on parts or accumulated on the floor. It's a robust and effective solution for facilitating abrasive reuse in blasting processes.


  • Reclaim rate: up to 6~10 ton/hr.

  • Offered in models with different capacities. Download the catalog to know more.


  • Shipbuilding yards.

  • Blasting service contractors.

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