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barrel blasting

The rotary barrel shot blasting machine is engineered for optimal performance with steel shot (carbon or stainless steel). Ideal for cleaning, deoxidation, descaling, deburring, surface finishing for painting, and shot peening.


  • Blast wheel: throws a higher volume of abrasive at approximately 20% higher velocity than conventional blast wheels, thanks to the curved blade design.

  • Basket: 100-liter capacity with a convenient loading/unloading access door.

  • Work door: manual opening assisted by shock absorbers for easy operation.

  • Abrasive separator: utilizes a high-efficiency patented system.

  • Control panel: mounted in an IP-54 armored enclosure, equipped with a user-friendly man-machine interface.

  • Dust collector: features an automatic cleaning system with panel-type filters covering a filtering surface of 7.7 m2.

basket blast video
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