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How the abrasive recycling system works

and how you can benefit from it!

If you want to maximize your efficiency in blasting operations, then you need to know about the abrasive recycling system. This machine removes contaminants from abrasives before they are used, preventing clogging and other problems. This post will explain how the abrasive recycling system works and how it can benefit your business.

How does the abrasive separator work?

abrasive recycling system

Extremely efficient and precise, far superior to rotary sieve separators (which we used previously), the new CMV® abrasive separator is easy to regulate, in addition to being practically maintenance-free, thus obtaining a lower operating cost due to better utilization of the abrasive as the lower cost of maintenance.

It receives the abrasive from the bucket elevator and regulates its flow through a hatch on its upper part, distributing the abrasive extremely evenly over the fins of the air washing system. The air current produced by the exhaust system, which has an adjustable flow, passes through the washing system fins, taking with it dust and other residues and the fine abrasive that is unsuitable for use.

The abrasive free of these impurities will be conveyed to the vibrating screen.

Benefits of the CMV® abrasive separator

The main advantage of the CMV® abrasive recycling system is that it provides a significantly reduced operating cost for the company, better use of the abrasive, and much fewer maintenance costs.

Aiming to make better use of our customers' space, we have developed a very robust portable abrasive recycling system with the same working capacity as the others. We have this equipment in stationary and mobile versions. We have models with a capacity starting in 74 gallons. Talk to our sales team so they can indicate which model is best suited for your company.


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