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Blasting machines guide

When buying a blasting machine, many factors must be considered, such as the dimension of the piece, what it is made of, the volume of production (how many parts need to be finished in one day or hour) and the type of finishing required (cleaning, paint removal, de-rusting, etc.). Thinking of that, we elaborated a guide to blasting machines. This material serves as an instruction to visualize the blasting machine that can meet your need.

It is worth mentioning that this is estimative and, in addition, CMV® blast machines can be customized to best meet your company's needs. We provide free technical consulting to our customers. We talk and analyze which blasting machine best meets their needs, aiming at the best cost-benefit on the market.

See the recommended blasting machine by clicking on the item you are interested in below. If you prefer, you can solve your question by talking directly to our sales team by filling out a form.

The blasting machine recommended by the industrial area:


Steel sheets


shot peening

This is the industry that proportionally uses the most shot peening machines. There is a multitude of aircraft components that are treated with shot peening, including several components of the blast wheels, structural parts and the landing gear.


It is becoming more and more necessary for the industry to prepare the surfaces of castings and aluminum parts. We are prepared for this demand, meeting the needs of our customers and aiming for the best cost-benefit in the market. We have several blasting machines specially developed for surface treatment and deburring of aluminum parts. See some examples:

Aluminum profile

Automatic aluminum profile shot blasting machine


We have already developed machines for automatic shot blasting of different kinds of molds.

Rims and wheels

wheels blasting

We have developed a machine specifically designed to blast aluminum rims and wheels. Its capacity is impressive, as the process takes only 6 minutes to complete.


The operator only has to load/unload the material.

Uniform and automatic blasting.


Gun components

To meet the demand of one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world, we developed a blasting machine with an indexed table and replaceable planetariums for the various components to be blasted with two B-306 blast wheels with 5 HP each. The blasting time for each part averages 10 seconds.


The equipment used will depend a lot on the parts finishing process. We have many solutions specially developed for the automotive industry. We listed below some examples of parts and blasting machines suitable for the operation:

Brake drums

We have developed an automatic blasting machine with a roller conveyor for brake drums.


We have already developed different types of blasting machines with a specific focus on chassis. It is necessary to evaluate each case, but see the example below:

Customized machine aimed at the blasting of truck chassis

Fuel valves

See in the video below the blasting equipment that was developed for the blasting of valves for fuel injection and that performs the production of 70 pieces per minute. The cabinet was without the final finish, as it was in the testing phase in our headquarters.

Parts restoration

We recommend using a wet blast machine that can treat the part easily and without creating deformation.

Stabilizer bars

The stabilizer bar is located on most vehicles on the front suspension and on some models on the rear. It is a fundamental piece of equipment for the stability of the vehicle and, therefore, a shot peening machine with a high precision finish is necessary.

Synchronizer rings

The machine in question has an extremely efficient abrasive recycling system, which makes it possible to obtain a very narrow range of roughness. The new table indexing system ensures extremely accurate positioning of the parts in front of the blast nozzle, providing a uniform finish.


In the case of truck stringers, we recommend using an overhead monorail shot blasting machine. See an example: This blasting machine has 4 blast wheels of 40 CV (30Kw), each with a passing speed of 3 m/min.

Round, square or hexagonal bars and tubes

CMV® has state-of-the-art technology to treat bars and tubes, regardless of their shape. It is possible to treat different types of bars and profiles in one single blasting machine, due to a vertical support roller that can be installed on the equipment's table, causing different shapes of bars to advance in a helical way.


Metal structure

This machine has an extremely high production efficiency and can be easily incorporated into automatic or semi-automatic production lines. It meets the central safety and health standards, and it’s available in two models pre-fabrication and post-fabrication.

Stell sheets

We have equipment specially developed for surface finishing of steel sheets.


Gas and oil pipelines

Wind power

We are prepared to meet the most diverse demands of the energy industry. Both gas protection and cleaning protection ducts, construction preparation and final coating. CMV® meets all these demands with tube blasting machines. We also have a blast and paint and pipe coating line.

See some pipe machines in operation:


Forged, stamped, injected and cast parts

Tumble belt shot blast machine

This tumble blasting machine is suitable for blasting and shot peening of forged, stamped, injected and cast parts. This high-efficiency equipment is capable of uniformly blasting several parts at the same time.

Light metals

There are metal castings that require special attention as they may be subject to impact damage. In this case, the blasting machine with the tumble belt (mentioned above) is not recommended, as the tumble could cause damage. And yes, an overhead blasting machine or even a wire mash blast machine. In both equipments, all the faces of the part are blasted at once, but without the risk of any damage.

Spinner hanger shot blast machine

General Manufacturing

No matter what your demand is, we have a shot blasting machine that can meet it. We manufacture both, standard equipment and customized machines. Whatever is necessary to better meet the needs of our customers. From small to large productions, we develop shot blasting machines with the best performance on the market.

Discover our products. If you prefer, talk to our sales team. We provide free technical advice so that we can understand which machine is best for your company.


The marine industry presents major challenges in terms of surface treatment. For this application, in addition to the treatment itself, cleaning, painting and anti-corrosion coating are required.

See some of our solutions especially suitable for this industry:

We are a reference when it comes to the construction of blast rooms for shipyards, having in our experience the manufacture of the largest blasting and painting room in Latin America. A few years later, we developed a paint booth with the largest free-standing door, also in Latin America.

We have blasting machines that work with metal sheets and profiles. It’s possible to purchase only a part of the equipment or the complete line, including conveyor, blowing, drying, blasting, cleaning (sweeping and blowing), painting and drying the paint with gas or electric oven. It also treats the volatiles eventually generated in the process.

When only maintenance and repair is required, we have mobile blast machines that meet this demand very well.


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