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Shot peening on stabilizer bars

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

A few years ago, one of the largest auto-parts manufacturers in the world, with a strong presence in Brazil, imported a machine from Germany to perform shot peening on stabilizer bars.

shot peening machine

The stabilizer bar is located on most vehicles in the front suspension and on some models in the rear. This bar independently joins the two sides of the suspension, limiting the vehicle's movement on its longitudinal axis.

As the name implies, the stabilizer bar serves to stabilize the car. It would be complicated to control it without it, as the weight transfer between the wheels would be uneven. That's why the finishing in this material needs to be extremely precise.

This customer approached CMV®, informing us that it needed to reach a minimum Almen intensity of 0.45 A. This rate was not achieved by the eight blast wheel machine they had imported, even when new.

The scenario was quite challenging, and therefore, we carried out a complete modernization of this shot peening equipment (retrofit). One of the most fundamental changes was the installation of our blast wheels with curved blades.

shot peening machine

These blast wheels have superior performance compared to conventional blast wheels. Its launch speed is approximately 30% faster than most competitors, resulting in a 70% greater impact force. The difference is enormous, but in addition to replacing the blast wheels, we changed the entire electrical and electronic control system (including precise electromagnetic abrasive flow valves).

The result was highly positive. With our blast wheels operating at a maximum of 60Hz, we exceed customer expectations and achieve an Almen current of 0.6 A.

CMV® has experience and technology in ​​shot peening, both with compressed air and blast wheels. Talk to our team of experts and count on the solutions of a company with more than 45 years of blasting experience.


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