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Comparison of straight and curve pallets for blast wheels

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

blast wheel with curve pallet

Nowadays there's a controversy about the use of straight pallets against curve pallets in blast wheels. One of our designers, Charles Cordeiro, had developed some academic studies about this theme. The most recent work is the dissertation of his master’s degree that proves that the curve pallet has a superior development compared to the straight one.

The project made use of computer simulations using programs such as ANSYS, speed measurements with high-speed cameras, and flow measurements. What happens with the curve pallet is that even throwing a small quantity of abrasive (flow) it's possible to activate a better intensity in the production tax for the velocity being higher. The equations for the production tax are Ec = m.v2 /2, being the velocity of the abrasive launch the most important parameter, the highest influence in the intensity of the blasting.

blast wheel with curve pallet

Following we present a comparative test of intensity between two blast wheels with the exact same characteristics being different just the type of pallet, one being straight and the other curve.

The blasting was realized over an "arc" equipped with Almen plaques being disposed of equidistantly among each other. The measure of the produced Almen arrow x the position of the plaque in the arch has generated the graphic below:

A graphic that compares blast wheel blades

The experience proves that the blast wheel with curved pallet is way more efficient than the curve one because even when it started with the same potency it actives an intensity pick 77% higher bringing many benefits to the user, mainly a lower energy consumption and a higher production rate per unit of time.


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