Automatic blasting in complex pieces

Recently we delivered blasting equipment for Itaipu, a company that is a reference in manufacturing of distribution and substation transformers, with a production capacity of approximately 150 pieces of equipment per day.

The challenge, in this case, was to design an automatic blasting machine for pieces that are very complex to blast, even manually with compressed air.

Pieces before blasting

Our Engineering team, with the drawings provided by the customer, developed a device with a special positioning of the blast wheel. Also, they utilized our internationally patented super blast wheel that has two fans of abrasive.

Pieces after automatic blasting

For this project, we made many simulations until we get the proper setup to fit the entire product range. The equipment is blasting perfectly, even the inner walls of the transformer radiators which - by their geometry - made automated blasting almost impossible.

Check out the full result below: