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Wheel blasting system x Air blasting system

Most steel blasting applications are performed using compressed air blasting methods. However, this system is usually quite demanding on the operator. In most cases, the operator works in a blast cabinet or inside a blast room. On wheel blasting, with the use of steel shot, the blasting time, operator involvement and overall operating cost are drastically reduced.

In this article, we will discuss the main differences between these two blasting systems:

1. Principles of wheel blasting machines

On the wheel blasting machine, the abrasive is launched through the centrifugal force that is generated by the blast wheel. This media is launched in a controlled manner and in a specific direction.

blasting machine

The particularities of blasting wheel machines vary depending on the equipment. Here we are giving as an example the CMV tumble belt shot blast machine. When blasting with the tumble belt, the parts are loaded into the blast chamber. Inside this chamber, the pieces are tumbling so that they all have the same type of exposure to the fan of abrasive generated by the blast wheel.

In practice, this means a very big optimization, because while in the blasting machine with compressed air the operator would blast one part at a time, in the blast wheel machine he would only have to load the parts in the equipment, blasting them all at once. The finish is uniform in much, much less time.

See below some items that make up the structure of the blast wheel equipment.

blasting machine

2. Principles of compressed air blasting

In compressed air blasting, the abrasive is pressurized or sucked into a tank and then expelled through one or several nozzles. See below how the CMV suction blast cabinet works.

blasting machine

We also make a comparison with the main differences, advantages and disadvantages in the process of blasting with the blast wheel and with compressed air. See what makes the most sense for your business below.

Interested in changing your blasting system? Talk to our sales team today and start optimizing your production, we are here to help you.


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