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Automatic blasting in compact equipment

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

When we talk about automatic blasting we initially think about huge machines and operations with robots. Although this is something that exists and CMV® is strongly active in this field, there's also an extended line of automatic equipment that doesn't fit in this scenario. Many times the operator has only to make the loading and the unloading of the material, even in super compact machines.

rotary barrel shot blasting machine

RD 100 is a big example of this. This rotary barrel shot blasting machine is extremely compact and performs with high efficiency. Is designed to work with steel shot (carbon or stainless steel), for cleaning, deoxidation, descaling, deburring, surface finishing for painting, and shot peening.

The features of this equipment are impressive because even though it is compact, the working capacity is very high. The barrel where the parts that need treatment are placed has a capacity of 100 liters.

rotary barrel shot blasting machine
RD 100 drum detail

In addition, the RD 100 works with a blast wheel that operates with a launching speed 25% higher than a conventional blast wheel, due to the design of the pallets. This machine is also equipped with a dust collector with an automatic cleaning system and has panel-type filters with a filtering area of 7.7m².

We created a video to explain the operation of this wheelblast equipment. The pieces are symbolized in yellow and the abrasive in green.

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