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How is shot peening done?

In the past, a hammer was used to increase the hardness of gold. As new technologies came and manufacturing evolved, shot peening gained strength and became a trend. The result generated by shot peening is an increase in the parts' lifespan and capacity. In addition, it improves the metallurgical characteristics, eliminates cracks, and brings more resistance to friction.

Below we enumerated the main questions about shot peening:

1. How is shot peening done?

Shot peening is a solution for intensive use of industrial components under mechanical or thermal fatigue. It is a high-technology process that uses blasting to clean up the surface. In this process, the residual tension of parts switches to a residual compression effort. Shot peening can be used on treatment surfaces such as grinding, milling, folding or thermal treatment. It is commonly used in the manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Shot peening is similar to blasting, except it works with plasticity instead of abrasion. Each particle performs like a "hammer ball," which means that less material is removed in the process.

shot peening

2. Where shot peening can be applied.

• Aerospace industry: it is the one that proportionally most uses shot peening. An infinity of aircraft components is treated with this method. The blast wheel, the structural, and the landing gear components are among them.

• Automotive industry: springs, gears, torsion bars, connecting rods, crankshafts, axles, and suspension arms.

• Metal-mechanical industry: cutting tools, stamping, forging (mainly cold).

3. Difference between shot peening and traditional blasting.

shot peening
Automatic shot peening machine with a robot.

The traditional blasting works with spherical and angular media. Shot peening uses only spherical abrasives and has several controls, which are way more sophisticated and restricted than conventional blasting. See some examples:

• Particle size control.

• Spherical control (disposal).

• Real-time monitoring and correction of the volume of abrasive used.

• Real-time monitoring and correction of abrasive speed.

• Control of blasting angles and distance.

Check out the details of a blasting shot peening machine operated by a robot that

CMV® made the project and manufacturing.

If you still have doubts about the shot peening process, contact our technical team so that they can explain, free of charge, if this process makes sense for your company.


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