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Types of blast room

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Since the dry blasting operations need to happen inside a confined space, a blast room is typically used to make this operation. This blast room can have different dimensions depending on the product that needs finishing. However, some basic configurations are standard between the blast rooms. See the main topics we will approach in this publication:

1. Essential items that make up a blasting room The first concern when looking for a blasting room is to check if it meets the security standards. It seems like a prominent item, but it's essential to be aware. There are many competitors that, to have a more competitive price, produce equipment that does not meet mandatory standards and regulations to reduce costs. A machine that doesn't meet the criteria can bring several risks to the health and safety of operators. Besides that, a possible inspection can ban a company operating with equipment outside of norms.

blast room

A blasting room can have many optional items. Still, some essential ones are the working chamber, service door(s), lighting, horizontal transport of the abrasive, control panel, blasting machine, mugs, abrasive cleaner and exhaust system.

2. How the blasting room can be more effective

A blasting room can be incredibly more effective when it aims to optimize its components (mentioned above). Besides that, the construction needs to guarantee energy and abrasive savings, which are your most significant expenses.

blast room

Blasting rooms can be mobile when container types or require an extremely reduced foundation. The truth is that almost everything is adaptable to whatever is most profitable for the customer's needs. So be aware when making quotes if the manufacturer is willing to offer a blast room that meets your needs.

3. What is the best blasting room available? Undoubtedly, the best blasting room is CMV®, due to the combination of the factors below:

  • Better visibility due to the downward flow of air inside the blast room. This system is the one that best meets the occupational health conditions for the operator(s), as the particulates harmful to health are directed downwards.

  • The highly efficient abrasive cleaner reduces abrasive consumption and equipment wear.

  • Less need for foundations.

  • Dust collector with downward airflow minimizes energy consumption and provides longer life to the filter elements.

  • Abrasive pick-up across the entire floor, increasing productivity.

  • Abrasive conveyor with low maintenance cost.

Talk to our team of experts so they can tell you which blasting room is best suited for your activity. The quote is free and without any commitment.


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