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Efficient and compact blasting

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Even nowadays is extremely hard to find in the market blasting products that have high efficiency and are compact. It's necessary to pay attention to the offers because lots of lean machines have very low productivity.

That's the reason we have patented the abrasive recycling system of our suction blasting cabinet. The CMV® exclusive system provides better recycling of the abrasive, eliminating the need for the cyclone and dust collection bag.

See below the difference between a competitor's cabinet that uses the conventional system and ours.

Competition x CMV®

The truth is that this is not just a question of this equipment being more compact. The main advantages are safety, low consumption of abrasives, better operational visibility due to efficient exhaustion, larger display, and lighting with LED lamps. Additionally, we have more high-performance pistols and all of this adds up to much higher productivity.

See more details:

  • The safety system prevents blasting with the door(s) open.

  • Saves up to 30% abrasive due to adjustable separation.

  • The patented system allows the use of various abrasives.

  • Closed filters mounted in cabinet avoiding contamination with the environment.

  • Filter cleaning is done by mechanical agitation within an enclosed area.

  • Meets all the standards.

Got curious? See in the animation that we made how this blasting cabinet works.

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