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Welding fume extractor: what it is and how it works?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We will explain in this publication what it is and how the welding fume extractor works. As a parameter to this explanation, we will use the model CF-80 of CMV®. This welding fume extractor has the best performance on the market and meets all safety standards, such as OSHA 18.0001.

What is a welding extractor?

A welding extractor is a specially developed machine to do the aspiration of welding fumes. This machine is recommended for all those who work with welding. The most basic equipment aims to serve a welding site, but some versions can include several workstations with a central collector. See the images below.

On the left is the standard collector for one spot weld. And on the right, a central collector for several welding points.

How does the welding extractor works?

The operation of the welding extractor is very simple. Just position the machine and turn it on very close to the workplace with the welding. The CMV® welding extractor has a 3-meter-long hose, besides wheels at the base of the equipment, which facilitates the positioning of the machine close to the welding point, ensuring complete aspiration of the fumes. See the images below of how the welding fume extractor works in practice:

In addition, the CMV® welding extractor is also equipped with a polyester cartridge filter and is highly compact. If you are interested in more technical specifications and pricing of this equipment, send a message to our sales team. We send quick quotes without any commitment.



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