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Substantial savings

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

savings in blasting

Since the beginning of our history, our brand was always green. But what a lot of people don't know is that we are not green just in the logo. We seek to maximize in our products the energy efficiency and the optimization of resources, such as labor and the use of abrasives.

This concern is not new. One of the oldest examples we have regarding this is our suction blast cabinet, GS-9075 X. Comparing this model to similar ones from other manufacturers, it can be seen that it uses less ventilation power, optimizes the occupied area, has a better abrasive classification (patented system), has excellent ergonomics and greater productivity with the same consumption of compressed air, due to the design of the pistol and the nozzles.

Our pressurized blasting machines are equipped with large diameter valves and connections to avoid pressure and flow losses. We do the correct sizing of hoses and always use long venturi nozzles with an inlet diameter suitable for their gauge, avoiding turbulence and consequent loss of productivity.

dust collector

Our dust collector is also featured in this regard. It can be used in blasting booths, turbine blasting machines, in addition to other applications, such as for the pharmaceutical industry, cement, etc. The BMF dust collector has a downward airflow (exclusive and patented).

This system reduces the equipment's pressure drops, enabling the work with fans with lower static pressure, which translates into lower installed power and low noise level.

blast wheel

We have several models of blast wheels (some patented) to suit the most diverse types of applications. Although the applications are different, what these blast wheels have in common is that they all deliver high performance. We typically obtain an efficiency gain of 15% to 30% when compared to our competitors.

Our new abrasive recycling system, which is essential in the blasting process and which is used in wheel blast machines and blast rooms, reduces the consumption of abrasive and the wear of the equipment's components.

sand blasting studies

Most important of all is our assessment of our customers' needs. For us, it is not enough just to obtain the production and finish desired by the customer. In addition to meeting these aspects, we always seek to develop a solution that optimizes the resources used.

A strong example of this is the dimensioning of the blasting chamber of the machines and the positioning of the blast wheels. We do not "push" a standard machine if equipment developed specifically for the customer's application could provide significant advantages. In some cases, we have already achieved a reduction in energy consumption, abrasives and machine wear by more than 50%.

All this energy efficiency is a reflection of the company's investment in the development of our products, always putting our customers' needs first.

Our sales team is ready to serve you and seek to understand in the best way possible how to optimize your company's resources. Contact us.


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