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Different options for blasting

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

There are two main factors to have in mind when selecting a blasting machine: the dimension of the pieces that need treatment and also the quantity, how many pieces need to be blasted per hour/day. One solution that is very interesting and not that popular is the wire mesh shot blast machine.

This equipment is able to blast all the pieces in only one passage and is mainly indicated for the blasting and deburring of the cast, stamped, or bleached pieces of steel, iron, aluminum, etc. Destinated to medium and high volumes of production.

wire mesh shot blast machine

Another feature of this machine is its versatility because it can realize the blasting of different pieces without the need for a setup. The equipment also provides a great finishing, as there is no overturning of the pieces. The loading can be made in an automatic or manual way.

Another important factor when talking about blasting equipment is the replacement parts. Is not worth it investing in a machine with high maintenance costs and was thinking about it that we included recently a new product in our portfolio.

 wire mesh for blasting machines

It is a wire mesh for blasting machines. This product is way better compared to the conventional mesh due to the material used. The wire mesh is made of high alloy steel with 14% manganese, resulting in an extremely long service life, providing great savings.

Watch the video below of the wire mesh blasting machine. There you can check out the mesh that we commented on above and the equipment as well.

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