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Special Gas Bottle Blasting Machine

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

In the industrial and metallurgical sectors, blasting plays a crucial role in surface preparation and ensuring product quality. Today, we introduce two machines designed by CMV for gas bottle and cylinder blasting. Explore the distinctive features of each below.

Gas Bottle Blasting Machine

Our latest video unveils a machine tailored for gas bottle blasting. Equipped with two high-powered blast wheels, this machine delivers rapid and efficient blasting. Its standout feature is simplicity, as the operator focuses solely on loading and unloading.

Another remarkable aspect of this equipment is its ability to tackle the challenge of blasting used gas bottles with 200-micron powder coating, showcasing its effectiveness in highly intricate tasks. Witness the machine's efficiency by watching the video below.

Gas Bottle and Cylinder Blasting Machine

This blasting machine handles massive production volumes, accommodating gas bottles and cylinders of varying sizes. Moreover, it enables near-continuous processing, allowing cylinders to be inserted one after the other. This underscores our commitment to providing effective and innovative solutions for large-scale production. Watch the video here.

Blasting plays a pivotal role in industry, ensuring prepared surfaces and high-quality products. From gas bottle blasting to large-volume cylinders, we are dedicated to delivering effective and innovative solutions to meet our client's needs.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our high-volume blasting equipment, do not hesitate to reach out. Simply click the "Contact Us" button below.

We hope you've enjoyed learning about our blasting equipment and how it can enhance production. Stay tuned for further updates!


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