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Blasting innovation for welded structures

We are pleased to introduce one of our latest advancements in the field of blasting technology. We've recently designed a customized blasting machine for a distinguished customer in the Brazilian metal structures industry, recognized as a leader in the North and Northeast regions of the country.

Blasting for Welded Structures

What distinguishes CMV's blasting machine is its ability for continuous operation, seamlessly moving the workpiece automatically after unloading. Featuring an impressive length of approximately 66 feet, complete with return tables, an abrasive purifier, a bucket elevator, and powered by 12 blast wheels, each boasting 15 horsepower, this remarkable equipment is already in full operation at our client's facility.

We cordially invite you to witness this advanced machine in action by watching the video below.

At CMV, we firmly believe that every business is unique and deserves tailored solutions to meet its specific needs. Our dedicated technical team is ready to assess your requirements, with no obligation, to determine the best-suited solution for your enterprise.

Contact us today and discover how CMV can elevate your business with top-notch, high-performance blasting equipment!

Our commitment is to provide solutions that exceed expectations, delivering exceptional results for our valued clients. Count on us to drive the success of your project!


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