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Blasting on guns

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

There are several types of parts that need a good and extremely precise finish. This is a requirement common to many sectors, but especially on guns. A process failure as a result of a poor blasting finish cannot occur. On the other hand, the process cannot take too long to reach the company goal, otherwise, it would result in a loss of productivity.

These requirements make CMV® have several customers in this segment. We manufacture blasting cabinets that fit well small to medium production volumes, up to fully automated machines that have been customized for customers looking for a larger volume.

See in detail the project that we develop for one of the largest gun manufacturers in the world.

Sandblasting with indexed rotary table

This blasting machine equipment was developed especially for the blasting of gun components. It has an indexed table, replaceable planetariums for the various components to be blasted, and two B-306 blast wheels with 5 HP each.

The blasting time for each piece is an average of 10 seconds. With this machine in operation, the company improved the finishing of the pieces and reduced operational costs, replacing dozens of manual equipment.

Check out the full result of this project in a video that we made with the equipment in the phase of tests in our headquarters.

Our equipment is adaptable to the most diverse needs. Contact us so that we can indicate which blasting or painting equipment is best suited for your business.


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