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    Our blasting equipment performs the restoration in incredible 6 minutes. Click on the image to discover more!

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    Works with any type of abrasive with a high productivity index.

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In November of 2019 we will complete 46 years of history. During this trajectory, we always overcome obstacles without losing focus on innovation and continuous improvement of our products. We count on the dedication of our team of over one hundred collaborators, without them none of this would be possible. Today we are proud of being members of a leading company in its field, with good prospects for the present and future.



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We develop an software to assist in the management of technical assistance activities.This system helps to streamline the service and stores the communication between the user and CMV. It also allows the creation of statistical data for the proactive action of our after-sales service. Access here.


Our products have the best cost-benefit ratio of the market, combining high quality, durability and technological innovation. We meet the highest standards of environmental and occupational safety. We also develop tailor-made products for the needs of our customers. Contact us!