In November of 2019 we will complete 46 years of history. During this trajectory, we always overcome obstacles without losing focus on innovation and continuous improvement of our products. We count on the dedication of our team of over one hundred collaborators, without them none of this would be possible. Today we are proud of being members of a leading company in its field, with good prospects for the present and future.

Why choose CMV?

Why choose CMV?

Our company is a leader in blasting in Brazil, a result of the company\'s constant investment and development in innovative technology and methods. The company has several patented products, high performance and energy self sufficiency.

Tradition and Trust

In addition to more than 40 years of market experience, the company is ISO 9001:2008 certified, with products that meet the most stringent environmental and occupational safety standards.

Quality and Commitment

We have products with a high innovative technology and we are constantly seeking to better serve our customers. Our after-sales service has a very high level of satisfaction, with a positive return of over 90% of our customers.


• 1973: the company was founded and began its activities in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

• 1975: we moved to a larger place and started to manufacture road building/cleaning equipment and blast equipment, our main product. At that time, the only blast machines manufactured were pressured machines.

• 1980: we introduced suction blast machines to our production line.

• 1995: we had already became a compressed air blast equipment leader in Latin America.

• 1997: we started exporting to the European market and moved to our own headquarters in the industrial district of Cachoeirinha, Brazil, where we have more than 18000m² of land. Also in the same year, the company complemented the product line with the introduction of turbine blasting machines (without compressed air) and with a wide variety of automated machines for special applications and shot peening.

• 1998: we built the largest shot peening equipment operating in Brazil, sold to EMBRAER, which performs shot peening of aircraft structural components.

• 2004: we started exporting to other markets, including North America.

• 2005: we developed a new series of equipments (many patented), and a double pattern Blast Wheel, internationally patented.

• 2007: we obtained the ISO-9001-2000 certification through BSI.

• 2008: we started the distribution of Hasco airless spray pumps. Also in the same year, with the resurgence of the Naval Industry in Brazil, we did many of the most important supplies of the sector, including complete plate preservation lines and large climate controlled rooms.

• 2009: we started a partnership with SAVIM from Italy, a company specialized in paint rooms and ovens, including these products  to our line. We also opened a subsidiary branch office in Maryland, USA. We made new important supplies to the Shipyard, Oil and Gas Industries.

• 2010: we were re-certified by ISO 9001, now in the 2008 version, also by BSI. We invested more than 3 million R$ in development and improvement of our products.

• 2011: we already had surpassed the investment in product development and improvement realized in 2010. We opened a subsidiary in Russia and are currently expanding our headquarters building to more than 7,000 and extra 4,000 m2 of outdoor/storage space. The constant investments and the training of its 155 employees place CMV as consolidated leadership position.

• 2013: unfortunately, the founder of CMV, Mr. José Jerônimo Marques Vieira, is no longer with us. We are absolutely sure that his teachings, attitudes and examples are part of the DNA of this company. We will never forget to do what is great teacher taught us. We certainly have and still have much to celebrate.

• 2019: we obtained the ISO-9001-2015 certification through BSI.

1973 - 1995

1995 - 2011